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Ryan D Mandell

Thank you Ben(s) and Lewis.  The Fabman system looks pretty cool, but appears to be Austrian in origin.  Penn State has very strict rules about data storage and management by third party vendors, and requires that the information be stored domestically.  This system also has quite a bit more functionality than I will likely need. And, expensive!

Although the logging is great, I don't plan to charge for machine time, and users will always be under the direct supervision of a technician (no after-hours or unsupervised monitoring functionality is required).

I'm unaware of the projects Yale and Tulane are working on (would love to know more), but I did see an Arduino-based solution on Instructables, which might be the same one you're referencing, Lewis. (this one)

At this point, I almost hope that no low-cost, bare-bones solution exists so that I can develop it and get rich selling it to everyone in the SSMC!


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