Re: Fuse 1

Ryan D Mandell

Hi Erin,

We received the Fuse1 and Sift reclaim station a couple months ago after pre-ordering it almost 3 years ago.  I was extremely frustrated by the wait, but I have to say, so far it has been worth it.

Although we haven't run it much yet (perhaps 10 print cycles) it is performing well.  I did have one batch of prints come out with a few strange deformities.  I was advised by technical support (who responded to my ticket submission very quickly) that I should clean a particularly hard to reach optical window.  I was provided clear directions, and although it wasn't fun or very easy to do effectively, it did appear to solve the problem.  The next batch of prints came out perfectly.

As we get back to "normal" and traffic increases it will be interesting to see how it performs.  I think it will become a popular option due to the good surface quality and detail, robust strength characteristics, and the low cost per print (I'm going to charge $.30/gram as a means to recoup the cost of consumables).

If you'd like to see some print examples, follow my instagram feed @mad_labs_soaad

My biggest gripes are concerning the cleaning of the optical surfaces (especially the one mentioned above), and the lack of granularity with material usage estimates (the lowest the Preform software goes is .01 Kg when estimating fused powder weight of a part or parts, and the Sift unit doesn't give a very clear indication of how much new powder remains in the hopper).  The Sift could be better overall (compared to a 3D Systems ProJet machine), but I wouldn't want to try to use the Fuse without it.  You should also know that the shipping and installation will be expensive, and you'll be required to buy a ~$1k explosion-proof vacuum.

Please feel free to reach out directly at rmandell@... if you have other specific questions.

Ryan Mandell
Director, Fabrication Labs
School of Art, Architecture + Design
Indiana University

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