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Michael Gillhouse


We just have students use a vacuum hose or dust collection hose coming off the main system over the mixer while we pour. Humidifiers and/or spray bottles can mitigate small batch problems but sucking up the dust as it is produced seems to work best. Pulling the bag off the cement instead of pouring it produces less dust too.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 2:04 PM Stan Johnson via <> wrote:
Hello all,
We are planning to do quite a bit of work with concrete and are concerned about the dust. Our lab is about 1400 square feet, but in the past, the dust has spilled out into a lot of the rest of the building which has made quite a few people unhappy. Most of the dust will be created by a portable mixer that will move to different locations in the lab. I was wondering if others had come up with solutions to similar dust problems, whether concrete, plaster, or like materials?

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