Re: Race and Equity in Design and Craft #diversity #inclusion

Annie Henly

The second part of the panel discussion on Racial Equity in Design and Craft was eye-opening, if a recording is available, I will post it here to share. The discussion included some of the following ideas:

The unevenness of the stakes we all have in this. Discomfort vs. live and death.
The idea of a "pipeline" to help change the institutions we work in to have more diversity, is problematic. White institutions extract labor by black and brown bodies for their own benefit.
BIPOC people are tired.
The unevenness of the labor that must be done between BIPOC and white people.
How you spend your time, your money and how you use your body indicate whether or not you are truly helping create an anti-racist world.

This fight is not a tidy checklist, it is a lifelong commitment to fighting for racial equity, speaker Jabari Peddie (who founded The Teacher Lounge) says, "going to this talk was not enough, do something else this week."


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