Anti-Racist Toolkit #diversity #inclusion

Annie Henly

As promised here is the question posed by Ryan, slightly reworded by me: 

What anti-racist ideas and policies have others in the group put in place (by leveraging your privileges) to make a more equitable shop? 

This can act as a toolkit, I believe it is the most important toolkit we can be creating at this time. I am looking forward to learning from y'all!
One of ours: In order to offer the opportunity to a wider audience we have started posting the student technician jobs on the university-wide jobs board as well as put signs on our doors. The messaging of the posts includes that we will train you, so we don't lose potential great candidates because they don't have experience yet. This creates more access. I get to leverage the power I have as an employee with a recurring position to advocate for better hiring processes. With the wider pool of applicants, we can prioritize hiring people of different backgrounds so that the demographic of the student body is more reflected in the shop staff. It is not a perfect system, but is a drop in the bucket of how we can combat systemic racism. The sign on the doors usually reads something like this:

"Hey, YOU! Do you like to learn about tools? Do you like working with people? Apply to work in the Fab Shop! We will train you!" and then have the application website.

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